Acknowledgement and Professionalism

Our professional, friendly staff also plays an important role in shaping the unique atmosphere of our center. Each day our thoughts and actions are guided by professionalism coupled with an acknowledgment for each individual. We treat our patients with respect to build a foundation for a trusting relationship.

We make a concerted effort to maintain close contact and openly share knowledge with our referring doctors. In this regard, we believe it is especially important to have a trusting, interdisciplinary partnership with our referring doctors to ensure our patients feel at ease.

We offer our patients highly specialized medicine and care from physicians who are specialists in neurological disorders, all while keeping with the latest research findings and state-of-the-art medical technology standards.

Our Team

Office / MPA

Denise Daprai, Practice Manager
Melissa Irpinio, Office Manager
Cornelia Hagmann
Eveline Lehnherr
Giuseppina Iacovo
Marianne Bihrer
Manuela Huber

MTA Team

Bettina Kehl
Susan Rodriguez Castro
Anne Krüger

MS Nurse

Britta Bottignole

Outpatient Clinic

Bettina Schwarz, Outpatient Clinic Director

Ronel Baumgartner
Lea Tobler
Kristina Russo